We have got some exciting news to share with you…

Over the past year, the BAP Offroad team have been secretly working behind the scenes on something new.

We went back to the drawing board, brainstorming how we can better connect you with our community and serve you with the latest offroad deals, news, info and entertainment.

Well, it’s time that we let you in on our plans.

We’re proud to announce that BAP Offroad is taking a new direction, transitioning into a news, information and entertainment website.

Don’t stress, we’re still going to provide you with incredible deals on LED light bars and much more!

Only now, we’re giving you special access to deals and discounts from some of the biggest brands in the industry, exclusive to BAP Offroad.

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

Exclusive product discounts

Are you looking for a new set of lights but you’re unsure what brand and model to go with? Can’t find a good price anywhere?

Our experienced team are working around the clock to provide you with exclusive discounts and completely honest reviews of your favourite products.


Have a question that needs answering? Want to meet other 4X4 enthusiasts?

We’ve built a growing Facebook group with over a thousand off-roaders who regularly share photos of their 4X4s, ask questions and learn from each other.

News, entertainment & info

Want to hear about the latest 4X4 releases? Enjoy watching offroading videos? Love reading modified 4X4 write ups?

We want to be your #1 source for news, entertainment and info in the Aussie off-roading community.

We’re super excited for this change and we’re looking forward to better connecting you with what you’re most passionate about.

Hopefully we will catch you inside the Facebook group!

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