These LED driving lights have been getting raving reviews online lately so we thought we would share them.

For just under $140 with free delivery, you can’t really go wrong but are they as good as they claim?

The driving lights feature CREE LED open reflector cups and are claimed to be perfect for up close, wide spread lighting as well as long distance spot lighting.

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The lights come in a heavy duty die cast aluminium body and toughened acrylic glass lens is specifically designed to withstand heavy impacts.

The run down:
Lux: 1 LUX at 890m
Lumens: 52,000Lm
Power draw: 8.9A @ 13.5v
IP Rating: IP 68 rated
Warranty: 3 year Aussie warranty

Light Output:
Designed with US CREE LEDs, each driving light features a combination 30 degree spot beam reflectors along with 90 degree spread beam reflectors.

Light is projected in a wide and full beam with a claimed lux range of 1 lux at 890 metres.

The driving lights also feature a DRL running light – great for safety and making yourself more visible on the road.

IP 68 Rating:
Designed specifically for Australia’s harshest conditions: muddy river crossings, corrugated roads, desert dust and blistering sun.

These lights are certified to IP68 – making them fully water submersible, dust proof and highly shock/vibration resistant.

These driving lights are backed up by a 3 year no fuss Aussie replacement guarantee. The company that make and sell these lights are based in Melbourne with a good track history. More of their products can be found here.

The verdict:
They illuminate the road really well. The distance and width is perfect for driving down open country roads and more closed, tree lined bush tracks.

They don’t project light as far as high powered HID spotties, however the wide beam of these driving lights allows you to see more of the road ahead.

If you don’t want to see over a kilometre away and instead want a set of lights with a more practical and usable beam range, these are a great fit.

Just under $140 with free delivery, they’re a great bang for your buck set of driving lights!

9″ LED Driving Lights