20 Inch (515mm) Apex Series LED Light Bar

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  • The all new Apex series of LED light bars are absolute animals!

    This 20 inch (515mm) wide light bar emits light at a range of 1 lux at 500 metres.

    That's enough light to read the fine print of a newspaper 500 metres way (or more importantly spot a roo).

    You won't find that kind of distance for this price anywhere else!

    Distance is great but what about that super bright, wide spread light you need for spotting wildlife and obstructions on the sides of the road?

    This light bar has you covered. Literally covered in light. Featuring our all new 170 degree reflector assemblies on each side.

    IP68 Waterproof:
    IP68 water proof. Die cast aluminium body and heat sink cooling fins. Gore® pressure-equalizing vent. This is backed by our genuine no-fuss 3 year replacement guarantee.

    LED Combination:
    This light bar features 3x different reflector assemblies that together produce a wide and full beam of light with no bright spots or dark spots.

    This is achieved by the 170 degree outer spread reflectors with 6W Philips Lumiled LEDS, the 60 degree spread reflectors and the 9 degree 'fish eye' spot reflectors with 7W 5D OSRAM LEDs.

    1 Lux At 500 Metres:
    This light bar produces a sharp long distance beam which is great for long distance country driving.

    The light bar also produces a super wide angle 170 degree short distance beam which is great for spotting obstructions on the sides of the road.

    Wiring Kit Included:
    Included with the light bar is a heavy duty wiring kit + on/off switch, allowing you to easily and safely install the light bar onto your vehicle.

    Adjustable Mounts:
    Featuring fully adjustable mounts that slide along a track under the light bar. This allows you to easily bolt the light bar to any pre existing mounting holes such as those found on your bull bar, nudge bar, roof rack etc.

    In The Box:
    1x LED Light Bar
    1x Mounting Bracket Accessory Kit
    1x Heavy Duty Wiring Harness