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22 Inch 200 Watt Amber & White LED Light Bar

Dual Amber & White LEDs
Designed with multi color (amber and white) LEDs, the user is able to switch between the colours depending on environmental conditions. Amber colored lighting is best used for rain, snow and fog.

Built For Tough Conditions
The die-cast aluminum alloy housing features a corrosion resistant powder coat and impact-resistant PC lens. The light bar can work in the most harsh conditions.

Flood & Spot LEDs

Flood and spot beams provide long distance illumination and a wide spread beam, producing clear visibility in the darkness.

IP67 Waterproof Rated
The light bar has hefty arched cover which makes it tougher. The waterproof rubber padding and silicone strip provide strong protection against water, dust and other contaminants.

Calmly Deal with An Emergency

In the face of unexpected emergencies, such as engine break downs, flat tires or lack of fuel, you need to be seen on the road. This light bar features both amber and white LEDs with strobing capabilities helping you to be seen in emergency situations.  Strobe wiring harness sold here.

Red Wire = 12 volts/positive
Wire = White Light Ground
Wire = Amber Light Ground

Wire/Color Options:
Black & White Wires Tied Together = Mix of both colors
Just black wire = White Color LEDs
Just white wire = Amber Color LEDs

We also sell separately a specific remote controlled wiring harness for this light bar that features strobe/flashing capabilities.  You can purchase it here.