42 Inch 240 Watt Curved LED Light Bar (Flood Beam)

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42" 240W Curved LED Light Bar

Dedicated all flood beam curved light bar - super wide flood lighting!

Light up the road ahead and the shoulders of the road where wildlife and obstructions lie waiting. This bar is perfect for long, open country roads and narrow tracks surrounded by trees.

Designed for fitment on bullbars and roof racks, this light bar features adjustable side mounts that make fitment a breeze!

Producing an incredible 1 LUX at 42
0 metres distance, this light bar is perfect for driving through twisty hills, open country roads, river crossings and more.

Curved Design
Greater broad viewing area which helps to spot wildlife, trees and other obstructions before it's too late.

Wide 60° Angle Spread Beam:

The spread beam reflectors project light at an optimal 60° spread. This allows the driver to spot wildlife and other obstacles on the shoulders of the road.

Outstanding Performance:
Produced with
 LEDs   that produce a high luminous flux, offering a crystal white 6000K light, ideal for outdoor night environments.

Heavy Duty Design:
IP67 dust/particle tight and water proof. Die cast aluminium body and heat sink cooling fins. This is backed by our genuine no-fuss replacement guarantee.

In The Box:
1x LED Light Bar
1x Mounting Bracket Kit
1x Wiring Kit

Material: Diecas aluminum housing
Lens material: Hard Polycarbonate (PC)
Mounting Brackets: Aluminum brackets 
Operating voltage: 10V-30V
Waterproof rate: IP 67
LED Power: 783W (261x 3W)
Beam Type: Flood 60°
Color Temperature: White 6000K
Lifespan:Over 50000H
Working Temperature: -40-80℃