We’ve always wanted a compact sized light bar that throws light like a set of spotties.

One of our followers sent in the above video so we decided to investigate further by testing the light bar out for ourselves.

This video above shows the light bar running along with standard high beam headlights (no other lights are on).

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When it comes to bang for buck, this light bar is hard to beat

The light bar produces a super focused spot beam, similar to driving lights (spotties). It’s kind of crazy how the manufacturer has been able to make the spot beam so focused on this light bar.

Made with 7W Philips Lumiled® LEDs that are known to produce a high luminous flux, the light bar produces crystal white 6500K light which is ideal for outdoor night environments.

All in all, it’s perfect for driving down those long and open country roads where long distance lighting is a must for spotting obstructions (like kangaroos) up ahead.

Because of the shorter distance, wide angle 60 degree flood beams, it’s also a great bar for twisty mountain roads, narrow bush tracks and more.

The only gripe that we we had with it was that the mounting brackets were a bit fidgety when we were making fine adjustments to the beam angle.

The light bar also didn’t come with a wiring kit which we had to buy separately.

Other than that, it’s a great bang for your buck!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We rate this deal 4/5 stars
Grab this light bar today while it’s only approx. $49 delivered

✔️ Melbourne based seller
✔️ 3 Year Aussie warranty
✔️ Free delivery
✔️ Super bright 1 lux at 600 metres

➖ During installation, adjusting the mounting brackets can be fidgety when you have limited space on your bullbar
➖ Does not come with a wiring kit ($10 extra)